How the Non-Linear Customer Journey Changes Marketing

The customer journey isn’t what it used to be: you no longer see an ad, come into the store, and buy a product. The internet and social media platforms have transformed advertising and traditional brand-to-consumer contact, and the rapid spread of mobile shopping means every stage of the customer’s journey is now disrupted. Marketers today need to be able to capture the attention of consumers constantly inundated with content, ads, and distractions, but it’s no longer marketers who layout a linear purchase path along which to guide consumers. READ MORE

What Traditional CPG Companies Can Learn from Disruptors

A dramatic shift in business has been underway for over a decade as the digital era has ushered in a new playing field for companies in every industry. Some household names have become a distant memory as disruptor brands like Airbnb and Netflix shakeup conventional business models—and consumer expectations. READ MORE

5 New Ways to Upgrade your Instagram Strategy

An average of 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily. That’s a whole lot of #squadgoals and #ootd shots. And it’s also one very good reason to make sure your Instagram strategy helps you to stand out from the crowd. READ MORE

5 Tips for Brands Handling Negative Feedback on Social Media

Social media is an unmatched mode of direct connection with your audience, but it also opens up a new world of crisis management where one complaint can quickly gain momentum, putting your brand's reputation (and potentially, share price) at risk. READ MORE

How a Fake Town Will Change the Future of Driverless Cars

As Gizmodo reports, and Google confirms via video, humans just can’t stop crashing into Google’s driverless cars. Luckily, a solution has been unveiled. Mcity is a 32-acre simulation of public streets created for driverless and connected cars to be tested in a controlled environment. READ MORE

Roads Paved in Plastic May Be Around the Corner

The Netherlands may be the first country to benefit from a greener alternative to asphalt, with the South Holland city of Rotterdam opening their arms to the concept of paving with plastic. READ MORE

The Latest in Auto Design: A Car That Reads Brainwaves

It was just over a year ago that BBC reported curious news: Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research was running experiments using driver’s brainwave data. Their goals were ambitious: Could scanning our brains eventually make our cars safer? Fast forward to today and the experiments have progressed from the purview of academics to the popular multinational car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover. READ MORE

6 Wonderfully Weird Texas Road Trip Destinations

Austin isn’t the only city in Texas keeping it weird. With 268,820 square miles of land and 654,923 miles of road it’s no surprise that there are an impressive number of gloriously strange attractions tucked into all corners of this sprawling state. Whether you’re a fresh-faced visitor or a local looking to drum up a new level of Texas pride, the gems below are guaranteed to make your day more interesting. READ MORE

Move Over Millennials: The Auto Industry is Interested in Your Grandparents

The confusion surrounding what appeals to millennials has caused many ad campaigns to plummet, with truly dismal results. The United States Potato Board wants to understand how they really feel about potatoes. Tic Tac wants to satisfy their need for never ending entertainment. But luckily for the auto industry, the capricious desires of the M-generation aren’t so important. A new target audience has proven themselves the key to automakers’ success. And these folks aren’t Tinder’ing at the red light. READ MORE

Will Insurance Companies Turn to Social Media to Assess Your Risk?

In the week following October 10, a story of law enforcement cracking down on a drunk driver spread quickly across news sites and Facebook feeds. The arrest didn’t feature a celebrity or a police chase, instead, the click-worthy detail was that the Lakeland, Florida driver broadcast herself driving home drunk on Twitter’s live streaming platform, Periscope. READ MORE

Will the Government Cut Funds for Our Nation’s Highways?

With four million miles of road interlaced throughout America, connecting coast to coast and any willing motorist to a multitude of destinations, the possibilities of shining asphalt seems a simple pleasure. But as the US’s infrastructure ages and funds for repairs shrink, the future of the interstate highway system is at a turning point. READ MORE