At Spredfast, annual events were one way we proved our commitment to our customers’ success. Each event was a way to deliver the message that Spredfast is more than a software company. Spredfast is a partner ready to look around corners for their customers—to show them where the future of social marketing is headed. The invite-only "Social Suite" was the center of Spredfast's presence during SXSW 2017 with content panels, product demos, and a buzz-worthy experience.


SXSW Social Suite


The challenge:

In previous years, large musical acts like The Flaming Lips and Chromeo had been a key element of the brand event, but a change in strategy meant that for 2017, there'd no longer be a stage show to generate buzz. 

The solution:

A digital marketing campaign integrated with experiential elements to ensure a standout event experience and increase social sharing, without a concert.


What it Looked Like:

  • Ad campaigns tailored to strategic audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn drove 8K engagements and 550+ qualified event registrations.

  • A 6 day Instagram video countdown amped up anticipation before the event.

  • A collaborative custom partnership with Peached House and Spredfast customer Dairy Management brought milkshakes from a foodie fever dream to life, creating an irresistibly shareable experience.

  • Instagram photo stations—complete with backdrops, props, and a popular food blogger on-hand to share styling tips—encouraged social shares and quality UGC Spredfast could highlight in emails and on the event website.

  • Live tweets, time-lapse video, Instagram Stories, and a Facebook engagement campaign targeted to every registered account kept the event top-of-mind and secured attendance.

  • A Snapchat Geofilter scavenger hunt extended the digital activations outside of the venue.


The results

  • Cost per social registration was 10x lower that the year prior

  • More social engagement was generated with 43% less budget:

    • 11% YoY increase in branded mentions on Twitter

    • 35% YoY increase in potential reach, with top accounts who tweeted about Spredfast having 87% more followers (an avg of 194K followers) 

    • 57% YoY increase in branded mentions on Instagram